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Welcome to Lyra Anma

サービス料金 ​

60分1回発射 210,000won 
15分 3P + 30分 一般  270,000won 
70分2 回発射 250,000won 
80分 無制限発射 290,000won 
90分 無制限発射 330,000won 
3P 70分 2回発射  440,000won 

60 min 1 shot 280,000 won
60 min Threesome 2 shots 510,000 won
30 min Handy Play 150,000 won
30 min Cute Lip 200,000 won

Additional 50,000 won for credit card pay

We welcome all non-Asian customers
with the lowest price in Korea

For Non Asian Customers

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